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AKSEPT – Center for People living With HIV.

AKSEPT is a place where people living with hiv/aids can meet! Since 1987 AKSEPT has existed as a resourse centre for all hiv-positive people and those affected. In 1998 AKSEPT moved into a restored villa in the center of Oslo.

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AKSEPT is a centre offering guidance and support to all who are affected by HIV, aiming to increase self-empowerment and independence. We are also a resource centre for all who want to learn more about HIV and how it impacts people’s lives.The services are free of charge.

Our vision is that people living with HIV have a high quality of life, in relation to other people and to their local communities.

Stigma and discrimination of people with HIV is still a reality. It can contribute to a poor self-image and feelings of shame and isolation. Psycho-social support is important to HIV-infected people in addition to medical treatment, as well as having a pre-emptive effect on the transmission of the disease.


Staff at AKSEPT are well qualified and experienced in their fields. We employ nurses, social workers, family therapists, an acupuncturist and a physiotherapist as part of our team. It includes people of immigrant backgrounds, securing linguistic and cultural diversity.


AKSEPT is used by individuals, couples and families from all over Norway, representing a wide variety of cultures, faiths, life journeys and working background.


Rapid testing for HIV is offered anonymously and free of charge at our centre or elsewhere by special arrangement. Counselling is available in connection with the test.

The Guest House offers short term accommodation to enhance quality of life and self-empowerment. The staff offer their support, guidance and assistance in order to make the stay as meaningful as possible.

Our Out-Patient’s Clinic (“Poliklinikken”) offers education, guidance and counselling, along with a variety of therapeutic services: talking therapies, sexual counselling, interpretation, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Open house three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday): We offer a friendly meeting place for all who are affected by HIV, serving wholesome food and arranging topical talks and cultural activities.

Coping seminars: Three times a year we run a 4-day seminar for asylum-seekers and immigrants living with HIV.

Contact-network for young adults aged 18-28 who are living with HIV. There are regular teaching evenings throughout the year, as well as an annual weekend gathering, designed specifically for this age group.

Autumn gathering for youngsters aged 10-18 who are living with HIV. It runs over 4 days as a seminar with education, games and social activities.

Educational visits. Health Professionals (and others)  may visit to shadow our staff over the course of 2 days. Through education and observation they may gain knowledge of HIV and improved skills to deal with HIV-positive people, their friends and family.

Networking. An important part of our work is to help people living with HIV to connect with other individuals, services and networks.

All services at AKSEPT are free of charge. You do not need a referral and users of the daytime programme and clinic can remain anonymous.

AKSEPT is one of the programmes of the Church City Mission Oslo (Kirkens Bymisjon) and is financially supported by the Oslo City Council and the Norwegian Department of health.


Aksept have a Guest house which offers free short-term accomodation.

In addition AKSEPT has available three rooms for rent for hiv-positives and those affected for a shorter period of time (maximum two weeks).
Price: 200 kr/person/night.

Booking for these rooms can be arranged by telephone +47 23 12 18 20.

AKSEPT can be reached by
telephone (+47) 23 12 18 20,
fax (+47) 23 12 18 21
e-mail: hivsenter@aksept.org


HIVNorge – the National Organisation Against AIDS


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